HoE Body Arts

Embrace Your Authenticity


Body Art, in many forms, has been a global and ancient storytelling tool as well as a way of making a personal statement. Traditionally, body art can be described as the act of decorating and sometimes modifying one’s body. In its contemporary form, any kind of tattoo, piercing, body modification, body painting, nail decoration or application of synthetic nails can be considered as Body Art. At our tiny Body Art Studio in House of Ekria, we are focusing on a new concept we call “Jewellery as Tattoo” where we remove the boundaries of material and apply our jewellery motifs on the skin, paying homage to the age old act of decorating the body as a personal statement. Abstract and figurative tattoos in the Ekria aesthetic are custom designed by Esra. Customers can select from our piercings from the jewellery showcase and have them applied in the Body Art Studio. All body art applications will be done with appointments. A personal care kit will be given as a gift after each application.